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What to do with leftover coffee

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Okay, this is just a quick recipe to perk up your Friday. I got it straight out of a replica MoF “Making the Most of the Fat Ration”. I have had to tweak it a bit, most likely because our margarine is no longer made with whale oil (can you imagine?), but here it is.

Sweet Spread with leftover coffee

3-4 tsp cocoa powder

1 Tbl leftover cold coffee

1 tsp syrup (can be golden/corn syrup, honey, or Monin)

3 Tbl cold margarine


Make a smooth paste with the cocoa powder, coffee, and syrup. How thick your syrup is will affect how thick your paste is. In this case, thicker is better. Now beat the margarine a bit with a fork to warm it slightly and then beat the paste into the margarine until completely combined. If you do this out of order, the whole thing starts floating in cold coffee, so paste first. I have better results with honey, but Monin syrup has nice flavors. If it is not sweet enough for you, then add in some fine sugar or vanilla sugar. Adding in more syrup will probably make it soupy. This is slightly reminiscent of Nutella, and if you like dark chocolate, then this is a great spread for you.


And now you now what you can do with leftover coffee…


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