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What ice cream scoops are really for

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During WWII, ice cream was unavailable, which was probably a good thing since all the ice cream deliverers were called up anyway (and the women who replaced them). So if there is no ice cream, what use are ice cream scoops?

Let me tell you, my ice cream scoops rarely see ice cream; in fact, I just call them scoops to prevent confusion for my four year old daughter. I have the old fashioned models where you squeeze the handles together to scrape out the contents, rather than the one that seems to be popular now and only digs out a scoop but doesn’t release it. I never found much use for those models, but the old-fashioned scoops get near daily use in my kitchen. Professional bakers use scoops for portion and cost control, and so should the cook of the house. When I use them to portion, my cooking times are more predictable and I’m never left guessing how exactly to get eight patties out of a pile of minced meat. My muffin batter goes further and no one argues about the size of pancakes. They also cut down on food waste, because you measure carefully and usually can get just enough out of the remains to fill one more scoop.

So here is what I have and what I use it for –

The tiniest scoop holds about two tablespoons and is perfect for cookies, macaroons, and mini muffins. I also use it to portion butter for our butter bowl.

The medium scoop holds about a quarter cup and gives the ideal amount for muffins, cupcakes, scones, pancakes and patties of all sorts.

The biggest scoop holds about two-thirds of a cup and portions out rice and mash servings beautifully.

You can get scoops at most places, but I really suggest splashing out on the high quality ones. Nothing is more irritating than a jammed or blown spring right in the middle of cooking. Plus, if your scoops get nearly daily use over the course of ten years, then you will probably make up the extra cost in oven time and food waste savings (although I haven’t actually calculated this, it’s more of a feeling).


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