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What to do with cheese rind…

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Cheese was rationed during WWII, so those on the Kitchen Front made sure to get every last bit out of what they had. So what can you do with a cheese rind?

First, use a microplane grater to grate off every last smidgeon of cheese, being careful not to start grating the rind itself. Once you’ve gotten all the usable cheese off of the rind, you can store the rind to use in soups. Just drop it in to whatever soup you happen to be making, especially cream soups. It won’t make the soup cheesy, but will lend it a nice salted flavor. Remember to fish the rind out before serving, as it won’t actually melt.

Here is an MoF inspired recipe for making cheese spread from the leftover grated cheese:

For mild and medium cheeses, use 1:1 ratio of margarine to cheese (i.e. 1 tablespoon of cheese and 1 tablespoon of margarine). For strong cheeses, use a 2:1 ratio. Blend the margarine and cheese together with salt and pepper to taste. Depending on the cheese you are using, you can also add in things like garlic powder and dried parsley or oregano. You can also add in finely chopped leek or green onions, or even grated carrot, in a 1:1 ratio with the margarine. Spread on crackers and rice cakes for a snack or bread for sandwiches.


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