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Weekend Pancakes – American Style

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I love these pancakes, and they are a Saturday morning tradition in our house. 

The original recipe is here.

Obviously, I have to modify the recipe, so here is how. I start the batter on Friday night with oatmeal and dried milk (one tablespoon dried milk for every one cup of oatmeal, plus one cup of cold water) and leave it out on the counter overnight.  I also add in a tablespoon of ground flaxseed.

In the morning, I follow the recipe, adding in vanilla and cinnamon too, and sometimes a 1/4 cup of oatbran.  This morning I left out the cinnamon and added sliced strawberries.  I always add in the recommended amount of flour, but I use a GF mix I get in the store.

You do have to be careful, though, that you oil your pan well and let them brown nicely on the bottom, otherwise the outerlayer sticks to the pan.

We eat these with butter and jam mostly, and there are rarely any leftovers.

P.S.  I use oatmeal/porridge oats in this recipe and many others, because oats don’t bother me.  I am well aware that the stance on oats for Celiacs/Coeliacs has been different in the States than in other countries, where oats are considered fine.  I am exceptionally sensitive to gluten, but I have been using regular oats for many years without problems, both when living in Europe and when living in the States.  As with anything, do what is best for you.


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I am what happens when you combine a WWII enthusiast, an environmentalist and a frugal celiac/coeliac.

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