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Squeezing that last little bit out of the tube…

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During World War II, most industries in Britain had been converted to production for the war effort by order of the government.  In cases where factories could still get a hold of their basic cosmetics ingredients, they were sometimes allowed to continue making their original products as long as their war quotas were met, but there were obviously many shortages.  In addition, things like lipstick tubes and toothpaste tubes had to be returned to the chemist/pharmacist for salvage.  Imagine being delighted that you had finally found a tube of toothpaste, only to realize that you didn’t have your old tube with you.

It is in honor of those women’s frustration that I share this little tip:

Get that last little bit out of a toothpaste tube (or sunscreen, etc.) by cutting the tube in half width-wise.  The half with the nozzle will have the most remains, but the other end will also, even if you think you’ve gotten it all out.  I can usually get enough for three or four more brushings by doing this.    If you are afraid of the toothpaste drying out, just gently squeeze the cut end together to keep air from getting out.  After you have actually gotten all the contents out, chuck it all in the recycle bin, since you no longer actually have to return the tubes.


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