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Another tea cozy from things lying around the house

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I picked up a new pair of knitting needles this past weekend and I wanted to try them out on something short and sweet.  I was also a bit unhappy with my current tea cozy, as it does look a bit like an old sleeve and smells of cologne every time I put it on the tea pot.  So I took some leftover yarn I had from making something like this no knit scarf and started to knit a custom cozy.  I basically modified a stocking hat pattern, making it a bit longer.  It turned out so well that I actually unpicked the scarf, which the yarn wasn’t heavy enough for anyway, and knitted to the end.

Unpieced, it looked like this.


 Here’s what it looks like finished.


And here it is on my teapot.


As a bonus, because I custom knitted it, it also fits on my coffee press, even while the coffee is steeping.


Finally, this took so little time to put together that I am making one for a neighbor as a gift, though in black rather than eggplant…


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