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Salvaging the ever present London umbrella

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My daughter has a tendency to break umbrellas, which I have gotten quite handy at repairing.  Actually, I’ve gotten into the habit of packing her off in a raincoat instead, but she still likes to have an umbrella, which she will eventually break.

If it is a tear in the covering, then I mend it to the best of my ability and give it back to her.  If it is the frame that breaks, then I set my husband to gluing it back into working order.  If all else fails, I cut the covering off the frame, keep any loose and useful parts, and throw the frame away.  Potential projects include the obvious rain poncho, but I think the material is sturdy enough to make nice shopping bags too.

Any other suggestions would be helpful, and I’ll post pictures once I get around to it.


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I am what happens when you combine a WWII enthusiast, an environmentalist and a frugal celiac/coeliac.

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