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Crossing your line

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Sorry, I’ve been away at a conference all last week, so the posts may have been a bit odd.  I did have an experience that I want to share with all of you though, because it was so disheartening and inspiring at the same time.  So, I wanted to start out by musing about how we all have lines that are the boundaries past our comforts zones.  When it comes to living green and frugally, we are generally willing to challenge these to some extent, or at least we should be.  How else will we be able to use less energy, recycle more, spend less money, anything?

I crossed a line last week, taking a shower in a youth hostel in the Netherlands.  I am sure one could argue that the first issue was that it was a youth hostel, but I do stay in them when I travel to conferences and have generally had good experiences.

That morning, however, I had to shower in a water-saving shower.  In this verison, you can’t set the temperature, but you just push a button in the wall to get the water to come out.  It comes out for about 90 seconds initially, and then stops.  Then you have to push the button again for a 30 second burst of water.  And again.  And again.  And again.  Of course, if you are the first person to get up and shower, then you have to wait for the cold water to clear out of the pipe and you lose that nice initial 90 seconds of continuous water.

I am in no way opposed to saving water.  I have been known to turn the shower off while I am scrubbing up or shampooing my hair.  I have taken numerous bucket showers, with only a bucket of water for the whole experience.  This shower, though, with the on/off, was too much.  I still had soap in my hair when I finished, although that was probably because the showerhead needed to be descaled.  Still, I was miserable and I would have rather had a bucket.

So this was disheartening because I had to run around the first day of my conference with matted, soapy hair, cursing the powers that be for installing such an absurd system.  On the other hand, it did make me think about what else I could do to conserve water, like collecting rain water.  So, maybe I crossed my line, but I also was able to move my line a bit more too.

Anyway, I will be adding more recipes this week and more diverse postings too.  Thanks for reading, even if I was away…


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