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The possibilities of bargain yarn

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I’ve been itching to try out a pattern for slippers for my daughter, and I finally got around to buying some lovely pink and purple bamboo tape yarn. I then decided to put it away for a bit because I realized that my daughter’s current set of slippers should last her for another few months, and I decided to start knitting matching scarves for her and a friend instead. The yarn for these came from the 2-for-1 bargain bin at a department store, and I picked it up on a whim because I figured I could something with the fuzzy, obnoxiously colorful mess.

So last night I got a start on the scarf and then left it out on the table overnight (I really should learn). It looked like this:










This morning, my daughter came bounding down the stairs and screeched to an enthralled stop. Eyeing the new scarf, she announced that she wants slippers that look like that instead of the pink and purple ones. I wasn’t so happy with the width of the scarf anyway, so I will happily oblige her and unpick the scarf in order to make her slippers.

If I halve the width of the scarves, I should get a pair of slippers and two scarves from the two skeins of yarn. The monetary cost of these three things may be really minimal, but I’ll put a lot of love and thought into each item. Of course, I could go out and buy a pair of slippers, but they probably wouldn’t look nearly as fun as this yarn does. I could also buy matching scarves more quickly than it takes me to knit them, though this is debatable given the way I shop. I would actually rather sit down and knit them. I’m not working in a sweatshop to do it, I’m using up odds and ends from the yarn bin, and I can customize things for the recipient. My daughter sits next to me, and we talk about knitting or what I am making or who I am making it for. It is a great way to spend time together, and she learns something in the process. In my mind, that’s quite a lot of value for bargain bin yarn…


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