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Kitchen Front-worthy ice cream

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The production and sale of ice cream was banned during WWII and the Austerity years, as the ingredients were deemed more necessary in other food stuffs.  There are wartime recipes for ice cream, which somehow usually involve boiling a can of evaporated milk in the can, but I stumbled across one that is equally as worthy.  The original recipe comes from the Fife Diet, but I’ve tweaked it a bit for my taste.

Take one bag of frozen berries, which works about to roughly one pound/ one half kilo, and let them sit out until partially thawed.  Throw in about three tablespoons of brown sugar or honey and some vanilla or other flavoring.  Mix in about one cup of porridge or rolled oats.  Now take your trusty hand blender and blend until smooth.  The consistency should be like sorbet or gelato.  The original recipe also calls for some milk, but I didn’t use any.

This was very yummy, though my daughter thought it might be too sweet.  Husband thought that it wasn’t sweet enough, so sweeten to taste.  I can foresee using this recipe again, especially with other fruits or fruit combinations.  I can also see mixing it in with a bit of yogurt in order to make frozen yogurt pops/ lollies.  Mostly, I like the idea of being able to whip up a frozen, ice cream-like dessert without actually needing to have ice cream on hand.


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