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Papering tins

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We’ve gotten very crafty in our house recently, which may in fact be due to summer holidays.  Last night though, I finally sat down and did something I think every woman in my family has done since Good Housekeeping started publishing a few centuries ago – I papered some tins.

Seriously, sometime ago during the winter, someone in the house started bringing home tins of wafers, and I couldn’t bear to part with the actual tins.  I rinsed them out well and used them for things like Daughter’s colored pencils.  After a few months, I got tired of looking at logos of wafers I couldn’t eat on tins which were scattered in plain view around our house, and decided to decorate them somehow.  I was finally able to complete my mission when a neighbor brought by a load of scrap wallpaper from her interior design company this past week.  Armed with regular old glue and some scissors, Daughter and I cut and pasted, one might even argue wallpapered, our way to pretty tins.

Here are the fruits of our (mostly my) labour:



Obviously, they aren’t perfect, but they don’t need to be.  I just wanted to have something slightly more decorative than a plain cookie tin out on our shelves.  I am considering working on various other shapes and sizes, if I ever actually needed anything else, but I am fairly satisfied with the result.  With a bit more practice, I might be able to turn them into a gift container and fill them with something like soap or sewing notions.  The redecorated tins aren’t anything horribly dramatic or earth-shattering, but I was able to turn a bunch of things bound for the landfill into something that we will be able to use regularly – frugal, green, and exactly what every housewife on the Homefront had to do to keep her house presentable.


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I am what happens when you combine a WWII enthusiast, an environmentalist and a frugal celiac/coeliac.

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  1. Great idea and a great way to reuse the tins. I guess at some point if you decided on a different look you could take off that paper and put on new paper. Again, a great idea and a great way to reuse tins. 🙂

    • I hadn’t thought of it, but that’s a good point. Particularly if Daughter decides to get creative with some crayons or something…


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