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Quick cucumber salad

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This salad appears on our dinner table at least once a week.  It is a classic central European salad, but everyone has their own way of doing it (of course).

Take a cucumber (we tend to use the longer, thinner ones so we don’t have to peel them), and peel if necessary.  Thinly slice the cucumber on a grater, so that the slices are wobbly and paper thin, and put it straight into your serving bowl.  You don’t need a special slicer for this, as the one on the grater works just fine, even if the slice aren’t perfect circles sometimes. 

For the dressing, add a tablespoon of sugar to 1/4 cup warmish water and dissolve.  Then add a pinch of salt and and about 1/4 cup white wine or other flavored vinegar.  Mix well and taste.  If it is too tangy, but sweet enough, add more water.  If it is not sweet enough, add a pinch more sugar, along with the extra water if it is too tangy.  Pour over cucumbers and let sit ten minutes before eating.

There are other variations on this dressing, of course.  Sometimes we add in a tablespoon of salad oil to the sugar and salt, then emulse that with the vinegar, and then add the water.  Some people add ground black or white pepper.  Some people like it super sweet, others like the vinegar to stand out.  The key is, in my opinion, to use a decent vinegar, so please steer clear of basic white and cider vinegar for this recipe.  Of course, people will disagree with me on that, but that is just my experience.

This salad also rarely lasts to leftover stage, but can be stored for a few days in the fridge if it does.  The cucumbers lose some of their crispness, but they don’t turn into pickles.  It really is a nice summery salad, but it works well in the winter too…


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