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A bit of cooperation never hurts

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Last week, I was busy working on a gift for a friend.  After spending a year only knitting, I had forgotten how slow cross-stitch can seem in comparison.  I also forgot to get a very good idea of what size the canvas works out to based on the Aida.  At any rate, I wanted to make a small wall hanging for a friend’s birthday, and I ended up with a card-sized canvas instead.

I am not the best papercraft person in the world, but Sister-in-Law is, and she was looking for a gift idea for our friend.  We decided to help each other out a bit, and she made the card to frame my canvas.  It turned out quite nicely for two women a bit confused about what to do next, but I think our friend was happy with the result. 

Here is the card, glue still damp…
















At any rate, we had a great weekend together, talking about knitting, stitching, and crafting, all while celebrating our friend’s birthday.


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