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Blackberry crisp

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Yum, this recipe is for all of those who have managed to get out and pick blackberries, which are just starting to ripen here in London.  I grabbed a bunch yesterday at the park while Daughter was at gymnastics.  Today, I am going to bake this…

Mix about 3 cups of berries (blackberries work well) with 1/3 cup of sugar, 1 Tbl of GF flour, some cinnamon, a bit of vanilla extract, and a squeeze of lemon, if you wish.  Dump this into a greased pie plate or a 8X8 Pyrex, if a pie plate is too small.  You can add more sugar if your berries are tart, or sprinkle on a bit of baking soda to neutralize some of the acid.

In a bowl, mix 1  1/4 cups rolled oats with 3 Tbl margarine or coconut oil until well integrated and crumbly.  Add in 1/3 cup sugar and some cinnamon.  Sprinkle topping on top of berries, and bake at 375 F/ Gas Mark 5/ 190 C/ until nice and bubbly, about forty minutes.  Sprinkle with vanilla sugar while hot.  Serve with sugar on the side for those who like it very sweet.

I like my crisps somewhat runny, so I don’t add in as much flour, but I do use more topping to soak it up (that’s the best bit anyway).  Because I like my crisps runny, I recommend putting the baking dish on a baking sheet, in order to prevent spills and a dirty oven.


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