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My first head-wetting

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I went to my first head-wetting last night.  A neighbor down the road had a daughter about three months ago, and they invited the rest of us round last night for champagne.  It was lovely, the weather was just warm enough, and the company was outstanding.  The little girl was blessed with a few drops of champagne on her head, and we took care of the rest of it. = )

Not to take away from the importance of the celebration, but I was a bit proud of myself yesterday, as it was the first time that I went to someone else’s party and didn’t have to explain my GF diet.  Since it was a champagne party, we drank only champagne, and I didn’t have to decline beer or ask which liquor was being served.  On top of that, I nibbled on olives all night, which is admittedly not the healthiest dinner in the world, but I didn’t even bother asking whether the crisps/chips might be GF.  (I just avoided them).  To be honest, I am in the habit of eating something light before I go to a party, since I’ve found it is easier on everyone if I am not ravenously hungry when I discover that only the potato dish is GF or something.  It helped me last night, and no one even noticed that I wasn’t eating the crostini and pita chips.

Still, two firsts last night – a lovely head-wetting and a problem-free party for me (it only took me 8 years to go to one).  I am off to nurse my champagne-induced headache and share a few memories with one of the neighbors.  Welcome to the world, Hannah!!!


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