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A cap and scarf in retrospect

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I tend to pick up yarn at charity shops when I can find enough to make something out of it. I found some nice, scraggly yarn a while back and grabbed it, think I could make something for Daughter.  I debated whether or not I might have enough for a shawl or a cape, but never made a decision.  Then, after last year’s winter, I decided to try a matching cap and scarf set, hoping it would match this year’s winter coat but also last a few more winters.

I got the pattern for the cap from Bev’s Country Cottage, mostly because it was straightforward and could be adjusted for children. I got the ruffled look by casting on to double needles and not tightening afterward.  For the scarf, I can’t remember how many I cast on, but I went until I thought it was enough. I also wanted to practice dropping and adding stitches, so it is wider at the edges.

Here they are, on the kitchen chair…

ciapka a sal















In retrospect, I should have used a garter stitch on the scarf, so that it wouldn’t turn at the edges. Oh well though, Daughter is going to wear it around her neck anyway, so I don’t think the turning will pose too much of a problem.  If anyone knows how to stop the turning after the fact, please let me know.

Still, I don’t think it’s half bad for my first matching set, especially since I spent about a pound on the yarn.  Daughter likes it too, which is important, since she is going to wear it.  I learned several things doing it, and I did it with scrap yarn, so I feel like I accomplished something with it, even if it isn’t my best.


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