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A day by the sea…

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We did something very British today; we spent the day (or at least part of it) by the sea. Since Mother-in-law is visiting, we wanted to take her somewhere outside of London, and someone on our street recommended Rye.

Rye is an old medieval town with quaint architecture, lots of antique shops, and lots of places for tea. I am pleased to say, I was able to order my first GF cream tea!  Fletcher’s House offered cream tea with a choice of fresh GF plain or fruit scones, made in house. I have to say, I was impressed. I’ve never had a proper cream tea before, so I can’t say how it compares, but I think the thrill of finally having one was the highlight.

From Rye, we went on to Camber, which is on the sea. Daughter frolicked in freezing water and rolled around in sand, while I stood by debating how I was going to clean her up.  True to a British day by the sea, she left with blue lips and goosebumps.

It was nice though, all in all, a fun day out. I don’t know if I would drive all the way down to Rye for their cream tea again (there must be a GF cream tea closer than that, right?), but I do recommend Rye, for those who might be in the neighborhood or simply craving a GF cream tea.


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