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Kohlrabi and carrot soup

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Kohlrabi is another vegetable that is in season right now, and we quite like kohlrabi in our house.  This soup is one of the ways we eat it, with the soup served as a starter.  As given, this recipe will provide about four servings.

Cut a medium onion in half and peel.  Slice thinly into little moons and dump into a medium-sized sauce pan.  Next, peel and grate two medium carrots straight into the pan, then peel and grate an equal amount of kohlrabi.  Add in 1/2 tablespoon of vegetable oil, plus salt and pepper.  Turn on heat and saute covered until slightly softened.  Add about 3 cups of water, or until you think you have enough for four servings.  (I usually add boiling water from the kettle.)  Sprinkle in some dried parsley (wait until end if using fresh) and simmer until vegetables are soft.

You can flavor the soup with a boullion cube or marmite, if you like.  I usually just add a bit more salt and pepper, perhaps some paprika, depending on my mood.  Home Front recipes call for using vegetable water, i.e. the water vegetables have been steamed in.  I have done this as well, when the vegetable flavours won’t clash.


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