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Tahini sweetie

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Oh, we love tahini sweeties in our house.  There is almost no point to make them, they disappear so fast.  I might have to go make a batch after this.

Take one cup of tahini (or natural peanut butter or almond butter) and stir in 1/3 c of honey.  Stir until it thickens, and then add in enough dried milk (at least 1 cup) to make the mixture really stick together into a ball, like cookie dough.  Keep mixing until the dried milk is well integrated.  Roll little scoops of the mixture into balls and place on plate.  They can be eaten as is or topped with a raisin.  They can also be rolled in coconut or cocoa powder.  You can also sprinkle them with vanilla sugar.  Let your imagination run wild…

If you think these are too sweet, just add less honey next time, or slightly more dried milk.  If the balls lose their form on the plate, then add more dried milk next time.  I don’t even follow a recipe for these anymore, I just dump in the nut butter, add honey and dried milk, and keep adding until I’m happy (with plenty of tastes along the way).


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