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I am typing this as I am waiting for the veggie box man to make his weekly delivery.  Honestly, I flip back and forth on the weekly vegetable box, delivered straight to your door.  When I read stories about the whole Victoria Plum business going on, where major grocery stores won’t sell British plums because they can make 5p more a kilo selling the ones from Chile, or something along those lines, I am happy I get the veggie box.  Then I have to pay for it, and sometimes I wind up with a lot more kale than we’ll ever eat, and I wonder if it is worth it.

The pros of the veggie box are that it is delivered straight to your door, without you even having to think about it.  That means you don’t spend as much time meandering around the store, thinking up things to buy. It also always contains some new veg to try, which has led us to the realization that we like broad beans and other things I would otherwise never look for in the store.  In addition, everything is always fresh and organic, so it last longer in the fridge (we’re starting week 3 on one bunch of kale).  Finally, the company we uses sources everything locally first, and then goes slowly out in small zones, without ever air-freighting.  It is also very nice that it is delivered to your door, so you just open your door, say “thank you”, and get your vegetables for the week.

The honest cons are that sometimes you get a mix that isn’t very inspirational for you.  Last week we got eggplant/aubergine, celery, and what I think might be button squash.  They are nice, though we’re still debating what to do with the squash (it would help if I knew what it was called), but it doesn’t lead either Sister-in-law or myself to any inspiring dinner plans.  Then you don’t know what to cook, and you can’t plan, and you end up not using what you  have and buying what you want in the store.

Another thing is the price, I won’t kid, but if you try out a few plans, then you can find what seems to work out best.  We only started on the weekly box again because they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, but I’ll probably stop it again after the offer ends.  I suppose, if you factor in all the non-essential buying you do when you’re in the store, then the box probably saves some money.  As it is, since we order staples once a month and have veggies delivered weekly, I only go in to the store to buy eggs and fruit every two or three weeks.

So, I waffle back and forth, is the veggie box a good idea or not?  I like having the in-season, local produce, which does wonders for your body rhythm, but I don’t like being stuck trying to figure out what to do with a kilo of kale.  I could put kale on the do not deliver list, but it isn’t that we don’t like to eat it.  It’s more that we don’t like to eat it for five days in a row.  I could go down to the market for my in-season, local produce, but that is a schlep, and the big chains don’t always sell it.  So for now, we have it, although I am sure I’ll change my mind again soon.

P.S. I just took delivery on our box, and this week is chock full of things we’ll eat without blinking.  I am already planning dinners and drooling over the freshness of it all.  That is how it goes with the weekly veggie box, honestly.


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