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Cooking brown rice

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I love brown rice.  It has a lovely, nutty flavour, and a distinctly firm texture.  The only problem is the cooking time; brown rice can sometimes take 45 minutes to cook, depending on your climate.  So, when I cook brown rice, I use one of two energy (and therefore time) saving tricks to cut cooking time.

The first option requires two extra things – planning and memory.  Brown rice can be soaked overnight like beans, but you have to know you want to cook brown rice the next day, and, crucially, you have to remember to put it to soak.  I just take two cups of dry brown rice and four cups of water, dump them together into a bowl, and leave them out on the counter, covered by a plate.  Then, when I want to cook the rice, I just dump the contents into the pot and go.  Sometimes, I need to add a bit of extra water towards the end, but if you keep the pot covered and the temperature low, then you should be okay.  Using this method, I can cook brown rice in less than thirty minutes.

The second option, which I sometimes combine with the first option, is to cook brown rice in a pressure cooker.  This keeps the steam and moisture in the pot, plus the pressure cooks it faster.  I can cook brown rice in less than thirty minutes with this method too, but there has to be enough pressure in the pot.

As with pasta and most other grains, brown rice responds best to low, slow cooking.  Cooking rice at a rolling boil will cause it to disintegrate into mush, even if it is wholegrain.  This actually seems to be true of anything GF, but I digress.


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