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Afterschool cucumber snack

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In honor of all of the school children across the UK marching off to their first day of school today, complete with uniforms and shoes one size too big to allow for “growth”, here is a GF afterschool snack.  I like this snack because Daughter can do most of it by herself, leaving me free to chat to her and take care of afterschool chaos.

Slice a cucumber into sturdy slices, about the width of the tip of your pinkie finger.  I start the cuts for Daughter and then let her finish it with a table knife.  Meanwhile, peel and grate one carrot into a small bowl and add some sliced some green onion, if you have it.  Dab in a bit of whatever dressing the child likes, or put in a small spoonful of white yogurt/ mayonaise/ soured cream with a sprinkle of salt, pepper, garlic powder, and parsley.  Let the child mix the carrot mixture together until well-bound, then spoon onto the cucumber slices.  Eat. 

To be fair, this idea came from Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food, but her version was too complicated, and I wanted something that Daughter could help with.  The possibilities are endless with this snack idea.  You can grate any vegetable a child will eat and serve it on anything sturdy enough to carry it, like pepper/paprika slice or even lettuce rolls.  I’ve also used leftover carrot and apple salad, or made some just for this purpose.

I’ll be making this for Daughter today after her first day of school, and I can’t wait.  Really, the kids are so cute in their uniforms, with their big shoes and skirts/shorts well below their knees.  Daughter is joining them for the first time ever today, and she is so excited that she also hasn’t noticed that her shoes are about one size too big.


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  1. Aaaah man! makes me want to sit down and have some with you gals!!!!!!!!!!!


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