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Easy applesauce

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It’s the weekend, and it’s apple season.  What else are you going to do but make applesauce?  Here is my easy-peasy method for making applesauce, so really, there is no excuse to buy the factory-made stuff after this.

Wash and core your apples.  Find a pot that will fit all of your apples and place them in about1/4″ of water, resting on their tops so they don’t topple over.  Throw in some cloves and a cinnamon stick, if you have them.  Steam your apples, covered, over low heat for about fifteen minutes, or until they are soft (depends really on the size of your apples).  Once they are softened, use a fork to pierce the peel and gently pull it off the apple.  This takes some practice, but it doesn’t matter if you mush the apples a bit.  After the peels have been removed, mash the apples into a pulp with a wooden spoon and add some sugar and water, depending on how sweet and thick you want your applesauce.  Cook it a few minutes more to blend the flavors, and then either eat warm with granola or cool for regular use.

This applesauce will last awhile in the fridge, but I never get around to canning it before it’s all eaten.  Our favorite thing to use this for, besides eating it warm, is applesauce cake, mmmm, which I will post later on in the fall.


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