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A quick card, off the cuff

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Neighbors of ours got married this past weekend, and it caught me slightly by surprise.  (As a side note, this happens to me a lot during the summer, when each day is just like the one before and the one after.)  Anyway, we wanted to give them a little something to congratulate them, so I pulled out my card materials, and we all got to work.

I should mention that card-making in our house is a group effort.  Unless one of us is alone in the house, there will always be someone over a shoulder expressing a second opinion.  For that reason, we generally just give up on trying to make cards by ourselves and go to work together. 

This is the result of our group effort –


 We wanted something simple, but nice, and then we customized it on the inside with their names and wedding date.  It isn’t a very elaborate card, but we really just wanted to let them know that we were happy for them.  As I’ve said before, we obviously could have just picked a card from the store, but we have more fun designing, cutting, and gluing together.  This way, a little bit of each of us goes into the card, rather than just a signature.


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