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Simple, always-ready dessert

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Imagine being able to come up with dessert, right like that, with no sweat and no oven.  This is exactly the purpose that my fruit bowl serves.  It stays out on the table, never in the fridge, so that it is always there for anyone who wants to grab something.  I wash the fruit before I put it in, so even Daughter can grab something when she wants it.  Any fruit that might be past its prime gets turned into a baked dessert, but I rarely have this problem. 

There is, however, a trick to this.  You cannot just fill it up with the same kind of fruit over and over again or the standard oranges, apples, and bananas.  Instead, I will only fill the fruit bowl with fruit that is locally-grown and in season.  Part of this is the principle of the matter, but what we’ve noticed is that we are much more enthusiastic for fruit in-season.  Lately, we’ve been gorging ourselves on plums, mostly Victoria and Marjorie.  They taste fantastic and are a perfect complement to the cooling weather.  Earlier in the summer we were eating apricots and soft fruits.  I suspect, we’ll be eating apples and pears well into the autumn. 

I have only been doing this since the spring, so I am not so sure that it will work as well in the winter.  However, in the winter, I plan on buying citrus fruit grown in Southern Europe and any British apples that might be left aournd.  In perfect complement to this, most of the locally-grown vegetables are rich in vitamins, which means that fruit isn’t as necessary, as long as you are eating the correct number of servings.

This is exactly the way that most Britons had to buy produce during the War, since so little could be imported due to the bombing of merchant shipping lines.  Amazingly, eating fruit this way also doesn’t feel like much of a sacrifice.  Once in a while, bananas will appear on the table, but for the most part, the best tasting and cheapest fruits are those produced here and in-season, and those are the ones that we look forward to.


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I am what happens when you combine a WWII enthusiast, an environmentalist and a frugal celiac/coeliac.

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