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A scarf for Husband, finally

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I wrote about a scarf I was making for Husband in a previous post, and wow, did that turn into a project.  It took much, much longer than I expected, but everything is a learning experience, and we are both happy with the result.

Before I show you the scarf though, I’ll catalogue the disasters encountered along the way.  First, Husband chose the wool, but not being a knitter, didn’t check the color code. It was only after I started that I realized there were two different color schemes, so I was stuck with two balls of one and one ball of the other (they were, to be fair, quite close).  Life being what it is, I had of course started with the odd ball.

Then there was the goof up of repairing a slipped stitch slightly oddly, on top of a hole magically appearing where it hadn’t been before.  Finally, to top it all off, the nature of the wool made the stocking stitch turn even more than normal, so Husband had a tube instead of a scarf.  Usually, I will tolerate up to three minor mistakes in a piece before I start over, but I saw the writing on the wall with this one, and Daughter had a grand time pulling it all apart.

So, I started over, and here is the result.


I cast on 36 stitches on US size 8/5  mm needles and knitted in garter stitch until Husband said “stop”.  This being the second time round with the scarf, I did make sure that the odd ball was sandwiched between the two like balls, so the color difference isn’t so noticable.  I particularly like how the colors are emphasized by the garter stitch.  Husband is happy, he says, with the length and width, but I know he at least likes the colors = ).  We’ll see how much he wears it now that the weather is cooling.  Still, lesson learned, always check the color codes first and start over as soon as you see the writing on the wall (rather than waiting until you’re almost done out of sheer stubbornness, like I did)…


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  1. Thanks. love, your husband


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