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GF Victorian Scotch broth

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I developed this recipe from an MoF recipe on Scotch broth, which usually has barley in it.  It is easy to put together and doesn’t require much attention, plus it’s a nice way to get some extra vegetables into dinner.

Peel and finely chop two medium carrots,  one medium parsnip, and one medium onion.  Saute briefly in a tiny bit of oil, sprinkle in some salt and pepper, and top with two cups of boiling water.  Add in two tablespoons of uncooked brown rice, and cook until everything is soft.  Taste before serving, as sometimes I find that the soup needs half a bouillon cube (I think this has to do with the state of the vegetables that go into it).  You might also need to add in a touch more boiling water to get four servings.

To serve, sprinkle a pinch of  parsley (dried or fresh) into the soup bowl and ladle broth on top. 

I am going to also list a few variations here, since this isn’t a true Scotch broth anyway.  Obviously, if you have 1/4 c cooked brown rice, you can add that in at the end instead of the uncooked rice.  Since the original recipe calls for turnips, which I have a hard time finding in the store, you can replace the parsnip with a large turnip.  Also, I sometimes use the green ends of leeks instead of the onion, if I have them hanging around in my fridge.  Like, I said this isn’t a true Scotch broth, but it’s probably as close as you can get it and still have it be GF.


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