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Versatile tahini sauce

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I thought that I might post a quick, versatile sauce, in case you ever need something to top veggies, falafel, or even chicken, I suppose. 

Mix together 1/3 c tahini, preferably room temperature, with 1 Tbl of honey and enough chili sauce to taste (we use harissa, but any hot sauce will do).  Once thoroughly mixed, the sauce will be very pasty, so add warm water slowly until you reach the consistency that you need (thicker for a dip, thinner for a sauce).

We use this with green beans, falafel, fried zucchini, and anything other vegetable that needs a nutty dressing.  Really, when we use it has to do more with what else is being served at the meal, rather than what we put it on.  It has also been used in pita bread in place of mayonnaise and as a dip for cucumbers and carrots.

Between this recipe and the tahini sweeties, we actually go through quite a lot of tahini in our house, even though we don’t really use it for anything else besides these two recipes.  So if you’re hesitant about buying  tahini, but want to try on of these recipes, please know that the rest of your tahini doesn’t need to sit around in your fridge for too long.


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