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We’ve had a string of houseguests recently, so I haven’t been doing much cooking and don’t have much to blog about.  On the other hand, we have been getting a few gifts here and there, and Daugther got one that I feel like I should share.

I’ve never allowed regular playdough in the house because it is a gluten-carrying mess.  It ends up under fingernails, on the floor, in the nooks and crannies of tables, on cookie cutters, everywhere.  Obviously, I’ve encouraged Daugther to play with it to her heart’s content in other place, like nursery and preschool, since it’s great for creativity and fine motor development.  I’ve looked and looked for GF stuff, but have only been able to find it in classroom-sized 5 lb blocks, which is a bit much for us, really.

Imagine our delight and surprise then when a recent guest showed up with Mama-Ks Play Clay.  It’s GF, beautifully coloured, and smells lovely.  The colors aren’t as bright as in playdough, since she only uses natural dyes, but that hasn’t been an issue at all.  How this stuff sticks together is beyond me, but it does, and it feels a bit like homemade playdough, but grainier.  It works like a charm and doesn’t flake too much either.

So Daughter and I have been making dough creatures and faces all weekend, making up for lost GF playdough time.  It’s been a great relief to finally find GF playdough, as I was always feeling a bit as if I were denying Daughter one of the pleasures of childhood.  This has been a great gift, and when it runs out, I will definitely be ordering more.


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