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Alphabetised recycling guide

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I have to apologise, as I don’t really have my wits about me today.  The weather has turned dreary, and I have come to the end of a long series of house guests. 

I did accidentally find this guide on recycling, and it’s quite useful.  I don’t like throwing anything except Q-tips and used Kleenex away, so I will definitely be referring to this.

Did you know that you can recycle crayons?


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I am what happens when you combine a WWII enthusiast, an environmentalist and a frugal celiac/coeliac.

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  1. I just now found you through scrolling around “The Hillbilly Housewife.” This is a very cool site! I’m bookmarking it before I go on with my work day.

    My Mom was a WWII vet, serving in the Marine Corps. She enlisted, went to boot camp, and went to work in Washington D.C. The call for women to enlist went out in order to free the men in Washington D.C. to go overseas and fight the war. Just a bit of history, although it looks like you’ve got me and my little slice of knowledge beat by a long shot! It seems WWII and the Homefront is a topic close to your heart. I look forward to taking the time to scroll around here and read more of your posts, hopefully to understand more about what went on “across the pond.”

    Just a short recycling story – my hubby and I live in a rather small condo, so we had difficulty finding a place to store our recycling (no garage, no porch, etc.). BUT… we never use our dishwasher, what with just the two of us. SO, you see where this is going… I took out the bottom rack, put a large cat little box (clean of course) in, and voila!… A “recycling center” in the dishwasher. Works like a charm! Just thought I’d share that for you and your readers.

    I hope to be back here again soon to scroll around. I sure have enjoyed what I’ve seen so far! Keep it up! I love it!

    • My maternal grandmother was a Rosie the Riveter, and my paternal grandfather was one of the first American pilots to come over to Britain. He went into the Channel three times, or so the story goes. What amazes me about those time was the sense of togetherness and purpose. I don’t think you really find that anymore.

      Glad you like the site. I love your dishwasher idea; that’s exactly the kind of thing I would – maximize any spare space…


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