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Yum, brandy butter

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A jar of brandy butter wound up in our kitchen, undoubtedly from one of our many guests these past few months, and Sister-in-law and I opened it last night just to see what it was.  None of us in the house had ever had brandy butter before, so we weren’t quite sure what to do with it.  I know, technically, it’s only supposed to go on Christmas pudding, but I can’t see limiting something this good to something I’ll probably never have.

When we opened the jar last night to spread it on cookies, we of course had to taste it beforehand and nearly ate the whole jar with a spoon.  It’s one of those simple things (butter, sugar, and brandy) that tastes unbelievably good.  Brandy butter is one of those things that tastes so incredibly good in it’s own right that it can be waved about as something GF that makes the GF life worth living (in response to those people who say they couldn’t possibly live life without bread).  I definitely would rather have the brandy butter.

While it was very good in a sandwich cookie or even just off a spoon, we also think it would make a nice icing or torte filling.  It’s a bit thick to spread on something delicate though, so maybe it would be nice on a sponge cake, or as a blondie topping.  I think you could probably also use it as a candy filling, if you make candies during the holidays.  I doubt this jar is going to make it that long, but I will probably try to make it at home next time.  After all, that is what the Home Front housewife would have had to do…


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