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Woolton Pie

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You really can’t have a Home Front blog without a recipe for Woolton Pie, the vegetable dish named after the Minister of Food Lord Woolton.  I was a bit suspicious the first time I made this, because I was honestly expecting my family to laugh me back into the kitchen.  So imagine my surprise when they all actually liked it.

Peel and chop into uniform pieces enough vegetables to fill your casserole 2/3 full.  I usually use 3-4 carrots, 2-3 parsnips, 1-2 leeks, plus 2 cups of frozen peas and 1-2 cups of frozen cauliflower.  You can vary your veggies based on what you have, especially if you need to clean out your fridge.  Just remember that they should mostly be root veggies.

Boil veggies in salted water until half-cooked.  Grease the casserole and dump in the veggies.  (If you’re very good, you’ll save the water for making the sauce or a soup).  In a saucepan, make up 2-3 cups of white sauce, adding in cheese if you have it.  Pour the white sauce over the veggies and top with thinly sliced potatoes or mashed potatoes.  Sprinkle more cheese on top if you have it, or even some dabs of butter.

Bake in a medium oven until brown on top and bubbly.  This is slightly reminiscent of a good version of mac and cheese.  I serve it with cabbage salad and a veggie soup for dinner.  I can also see this as a nice leftover dish after Thanksgiving or Christmas, particularly if you served leftover meat on the side (just chop cooked veggies and put them straight into the baking dish).


Use a brown sauce or gravy instead of white sauce.  I’m not a big gravy fan, but I think onion gravy would be nice here, if you had enough of it.

Add potatoes into the veggie mix.  I don’t because there are potatoes on top, but if it’s all you have or your family really like potatoes, then you can go wild with them.

Add in bits of bacon or sausage, if you have them.


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