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Coconut Macaroons

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We love macaroons in our house – they’re quick to make, they don’t fall apart (which says a lot for a GF cookie), and you can cram a lot onto a baking sheet, so it’s easy to double the recipe.

These coconut macaroons from Martha Stewart are a favorite version.  You just have to make sure that once egg whites are beaten stiff, you gently fold in the coconut.  I know that the recipe calls for whipping until frothy, but we’ve found it works better when the egg whites are beaten stiff.  It could be because we use unsweetened coconut, which seems to be drier than sweetened.

I saw “we” because Sister-in-Law loves these and makes them quite regularly, but they never last longer than a day. We also give them out as gifts during Christmas and birthdays.  If you use a scoop to form the balls, the macaroons come out very smooth and brown nicely, so they look quite elegant in a cookie tin.


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