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Mission accomplished

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I wrote earlier about my campaign to keep the heating off until the beginning of November, and I am pleased to say that we were able to do it, mostly.  After we came home last night, we turned it on to warm the house up slightly, just to take that unlived-in feeling out of it, but we’ll see today how much we actually need to heat. 

It helps that it was quite a lot colder in Slovakia than in London, so we came back feeling like we had landed in the tropics.  On the other hand, Husband’s parents rely quite heavily on a massive fireplace to heat the house, and we all got used to warming up in front of it.  It would be so nice to have a fireplace to take the nip out of those dreary London winter days…

But back to the point, just because we’ve got the heating turned on doesn’t mean that we’re going to be walking around in shorts.  We still have the problem of high tariffs, so we’ll keep the heat on short and low, using the same little tricks we did before we turned the heat on.  If the weather stays mild, we might not have to keep it on much at all (fingers crossed).

We’ll have to see how it goes…


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