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Saving on school clothes

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Daughter, like every other child in Britain, must wear a uniform to school, which I whole-heartedly support, despite the price tag attached.  However, sometimes parent organizations are, well, organized enough to hold used uniform sales once in a while, like ours did last week. I was lucky enough to come away with skirts, pinafores and school jumpers for the next two years, and really only need to find the blazer before the start of the next school year (I’ve got time, so I’m not too worried).  Socks and tights will need to be purchased new, and I get school shoes during annual sales for about half-price, but over all I feel pretty good about the whole school uniform thing.

I thought I’d bring this up today to demonstrate how the Home Front  still affects some aspects of our lives.  Charitable clothing resale really took hold during the war, since new clothes needed ration coupons and could be hard to come by.  This practice lives on today in the various charity shops across Britain and organization sales like the one I attended last week.  Surprisingly, the practice of shopping at sales and charity shops seems to cut across all social classes here, based on who I’ve seen there, though the younger generations are much less likely to charity shop.  (Perhaps they need to have kids first to realize the futility of pay full price for something that is going to look used in two hours?)  Children’s clothes in decent condition are hard to come by in any charity shop, which is why the parent organizations also play an important role.

At any rate, because this is an austerity blog, I’ll share that the school clothes did set me back eighteen quid, but that was still about a quarter of what they would have cost me in the store.  Also, had this been during WWII, I would not have had to turn over any clothing coupons either, based on the price of the used items compared to new ones, which would have the best thing about resale shopping.   I might have been able to use the saved coupons to buy knitting wool or extra knickers…


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