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Easy peasy pea soup

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Really, I thought that I had already posted this, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I apologize if this is a repeat.  We like pea soup in our house, and it is one of Daughter’s favorite soups.  It is also very easy to make and comes together in a flash, which makes it quite handy if I’ve forgotten to make soup or need an after-school snack.

Take two cups of frozen peas and three cups of water (four if you want a thinner soup).  Boil together with salt and pepper, perhaps a bit of bouillon powder or parsley, or maybe even chopped onion or a whole spring onion.  Once peas are tender, whirl with an immersion blender until smooth (take out the spring onion first, if you added one in).  Gently simmer for a few minutes to blend flavors.  Check seasonings and eat.

Mix and match the variations that follow at will; I am not recommending combinations of any or all of them, but just offer a few alternatives.  If you want a creamy version, add in some milk towards the end and a bit less water at the beginning.  If you want to add a mild cheese, like mozzarella, you can add it on top or whirl it in with the peas.  If you have the rind of a hard salty cheese, like parmesan or romano, you can throw that in instead, but please remember to take it out before blending (speaking from experience, it will not be kind to your immersion blender if you leave it in accidentally) .  If you have bacon rind you want to get rid of, then chop it finally and fry in the saucepan before pouring the water and peas in on top.


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