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Improvised icing

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During WWII, it was illegal to have icing or decorations on commercial cakes, and the attitude certainly extended to home-made cakes as well, so that many were left uniced.  Personally, I usually only ice cakes for birthdays or special holidays, but this is also because I tend to eat most of the icing straight out of the bowl, along with most everyone else in the house.

Last night though, I needed to ice a  cake because I had forgotten to add in the syrup that does most of the sweetening.  When I went to open up my icing sugar, I found that it was nearly empty (of course), but I did manage to improvise just enough to get a thin icing out of what was left.    Take 1/3 to 1/2 scant cups GF icing (confectioner’s) sugar and beat in one tablespoon of syrup from tinned fruit.  I used apricot, because it went well with the cake, but you could use any flavor.  Thin with a few drops of milk until you have enough to spread.  Because this icing is so thin, it dries into a nice “crust” on top of the cake.


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