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Meal planning – breakfast

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Today I just wanted to return to the issue of meal planning, particularly when it comes to breakfast, which is probably the hardest meal of the day to make GF.  The usual routine of toast, waffles, pastry miracles and breakfast cereal is made all the more complicated by it all having to be gluten free.  I suppose I could get up every morning and make breakfast from scratch, but I don’t function that well in the morning.  Thankfully, coffee and tea are GF, so I don’t have to think about that at least (I’d probably never get out of bed if I had to).

I could, of course, buy all this stuff at the store and keep it on hand.  I could, but I don’t, because aside from being incredibly expensive, pret-a-manger GF products tend to be quite high in fat, sodium, and sugar.  You can’t be surprised really, since something has to hold the ingredients together.  I’m sure that, in twenty years, when they’ve actually figured out how to affordably mass produce healthy GF foods, I’ll shake my head in wonder that I ever put up with what’s on the market now.  Until then, I reserve them for the occasional treat.

So, aside from the odd breakfast made up entirely of cake or cookies, our breakfast food is usually European style and consists of bread/rice cakes with margarine and a topping.  Favorite family toppings tend to include jam, cheese, sliced meats, and homemade spreads, some of which I’ve already posted.  These toppings are supplemented by sliced vegetables, like radishes or cucumbers, and sometimes fruit.  To drink, we each have something warm and milk-based, whether it is tea, coffee or cocoa.  Sometimes we have muffins instead of bread/rice cakes, and we always have pancakes at least once on the weekend.

I find that having this routine makes breakfast a piece of cake (sometimes literally), and I don’t have to scratch my head in the morning to come up with a healthy, GF breakfast.


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