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Scarf ideas for wrapping gifts

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I recently came across a few ideas about using scarves to wrap gifts.  Admittedly, these instructions were buried in the middle of my favorite cosmetics catalogue (not Avon or Mary Kay, and more about it in a later post), so I did a bit more research on-line. 

I’ve known about using scarves to wrap things, but I could never figure out the neat and tidy way to do it.  The actual practice is called Furoshiki, and comes from Japan.  The catalogue only listed three ways to use scarves, but a pamphlet from the Japanese government demonstrates fourteen different ways to wrap something in a scarf, based on size and shape.  Don’t worry, it isn’t in Japanese, per se, it just use pictures to detail the steps for each type of wrapping.

Scarves are easily purchased en masse from charity and second-hand stores, and they can be used over and over again or given as part of the gift.  The Japanese government is using Furoshiki to promote less paper waste, and I whole-heartedly agree.  Even so, paper was extremely scarce during WWII and not the kind that lent itself to be wrapped neatly either.  My guess it that people on the Home Front used similar techniques to wrap gifts and other items, though I can’t say for sure…


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