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Yesterday, I was prattling on about how I found some wrapping ideas in my favorite cosmetics catalogue, and that it wasn’t Mary Kay or Avon.  Truthfully, it’s not really a cosmetics catalogue, but since I don’t wear much make-up, it is as close as I get to cosmetics.  That said, my favorite company is Lush, and here’s why.

Lush is dedicated to creating delicious soaps and things from non-irritating, plant-based ingredients.  The store can be a bit heady, smell-wise, but their individual products smell divine.  I love their shampoos bars, face scrubs, and lotion bars.  I have pale, sensitive skin, so I have problems with most mainstream products, but not with Lush.  If I do have any problem, I can return the bottle and exchange it for something else.  Also, they are very generous with their samples, so I can find out ahead of time which face creme leaves me greasy.

As to the price, yes, a number of their products are expensive, like their bath bombs, but I don’t think the lotion and shampoo bars are any more expensive, especially since they tend to last longer than mainstream products (this does not hold true for their soaps).  Their face scrubs and face cremes also last quite a long time and are competitively priced.

So how does this tie into the Home Front?  Cosmetics and beauty products were hard to come by, since most factories were producing things for the war and the ingredients had to be imported.  In addition, things like bottles and tubes were also hard to come by towards the end of the war.  Soaps and shampoos made from local plant ingredients would have been popular, especially if they didn’t need additional packaging.  At least, that is how it plays out in my mind = )


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