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Gift ideas for teachers

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I am not one to start giving gifts left, right, and centre during the holidays, but I do believe that some people outside of our friends and family deserve a special treat.  Teachers definitely fall into this category for us.  However, I don’t like giving gift cards, and I generally feel that the gift should reflect the area of your life the person is in, since I tend not to know her or him on a friend-basis.  So here are a few ideas I have been toying with, based on the WWII notion that giving small things that are needed is best…

Caffeine and Cookie/Bisquit Basket – I’m leaning towards this, actually, because Daughter can help me from start to finish.  Pack a tin/bag/basket with a box of tea, a small jar of instant coffee, a few rolls of bisquits, and a small box of chocolate or candy.  Have Daughter (or Son) make the card.

Classroom items – Collect a bunch of fun pencils, a handful of very nice pens in fun colors, a variety of stickers, a pad or two of decorative paper, and a load of small candies or chocolates.  Okay, Daughter can help with this too, I suppose, if she went to every store with me.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten.  Does anyone have any other ideas? 

(I should explain that Daughter’s school has a teacher rotation, so she has one main classroom teacher, and any two of five others that might be in the classroom that day, plus aides.)


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