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A gift from things in the kitchen

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No, it’s not a cookie, and you can’t eat it, but I like the idea.  I’ve been nosing around the internet, looking for quick gifts that I can put together in a snap with a little help from Daughter.

I found this one on No Time for Flashcards, and immediately liked the idea.  Not only can Daughter do this almost entirely by herself, but I have everything I need right in the kitchen, including the empty jars.  I would probably switch the extract to vanilla, which seems to be more universally appealing, but peppermint has more of a holiday feel.

For more scent ideas, I’ve also found an archived article from Martha Stewart, which is here on-line.  Granted, not many Home Front women would have sacrificed their sugar ration to make a body scrub, but soap was equally as scarce, so they probably would have appreciated the gift…

I should briefly note that many coeliacs have reactions to skin products that contain wheat and wheat-by products.  Personally, I am horribly suspicious of mass-produced products because the wheat-by products are  hidden in the labelling, and companies are not required to list allergens since the product is not supposed to be ingested (this holds for dental products too, even though they go in your mouth).  If I make a scrub in my kitchen, at least I know it’s not going to be contaminated…


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