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Traditional egg liqueur (vajcovy liker)

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Egg liqueur, rather than eggnog, is a traditional Central European liqueur served during the winter holidays.  This is another recipe that is not an MoF recipe, but Husband’s grandmother made this every year during the Nazi occupation, so that works for me.  We make it fresh every year, and we make sure to use it up by Ash Wednesday.  When I put vajcovy liker in my good crystal liqueur glasses, it makes an elegant after-dinner (or afternoon) drink.  It also goes nicely in coffee or latte, in place of whiskey.  I give small bottles of it as gifts to neighbors for New Year’s Eve too. 

Pour 2 c of vodka* into a ceramic or plastic mixing bowl (not metal) and add 1 c of sweetened condensed milk.  Beat thoroughly.  Then add three egg yolks and beat until smooth (no bits of yolk floating about, just a nice buttery yellow throughout).   Pour into bottles and store in the fridge or a cold garage. 

You can drink this immediately, though I usually wait a few days for things to thicken slightly.  As vajcovy liker matures, it will thicken considerably and possibly get lumpy.  Just give the bottle a good shake to loosen the lumps, which don’t affect the flavor or texture (believe it or not).  Next week, I’ll post a recipe that uses the leftover egg whites…

*If you can find a traditional Central European rum, then you can use it in place of vodka for a slightly sweeter flavor.  Please don’t use a Caribbean rum though, it would be better to stick to plain vodka.


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