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Soup from roast leftovers

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I feel a bit silly posting this, since I know most of you probably will know this one by heart.  Still, since it’s the holidays, and we did have a roast in honor of Thanksgiving at the weekend, I’ll continue.

You can get quite a nice soup from the bones of a roasted chicken* and any leftovers you have from that dinner.  Simply take the carcass, plus any bones that were left on the plate and put them in the pressure cooker (or any other pot with a tight-fitting lid).  Then take any savoury veggies you had, like buttered leeks or onion gravy and chuck that in.  Chop up your leftover roast veggies and put them into the pot with some salt and pepper, then cover with water.  Pop the lid on, lock, and boil gently for about forty minutes.  If you are using a pressure cooker, there is no need to skim the pot.

Adjust seasonings (add salt, pepper, etc. if necessary).  Serve with leftover stuffing or dumplings.

*Pick the meat off to make a spread for sandwiches first.


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