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I must say that I love the BBC, both the TV and the website.  While I was looking for some news, I found a link to the Victorian Farm show and started browsing.  Since the show is a documentary about living on a working Victorian Farm, the BBC has also included a number of Christmas activities from Victorian times.  Some of them are basic, like Christmas cards and crackers, while others are a bit more complicated.  The link is here, have fun!  I think Daughter and I will be trying the marbled wrapping paper this weekend.

I know it isn’t technically WWII, but I’ve included the link because for a practical reason and a historical reason.  Practically, the page has some really cool things to do at home for Christmas.  Historically, many housewives during WWII would have grown up either in Victorian times or with Victorian mothers, so the activities do reflect some of what would have gone on at Christmas during the War.


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