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Old-fashioned coconut icing

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Daughter’s birthday is coming up, right after Christmas, so we’ve been experimenting with various icings for her birthday treats.  I decided to include one we all liked, even though it’s not a Home Front recipe.  Because of the butter and sugar, it would have been a special treat, but it does top anything you can get out of a can…

Take 2 TBL softened unsalted butter, and whip with a wooden spoon until fluffy.  This only works if the butter is actually room temperature*.  Beat in 1 C powdered sugar until entirely incorporated and a nice icing consistency.  If the consistency is too buttery, add more powdered sugar a few tablespoons at a time.  If the icing is too crumbly, add milk or water a few teaspoons at a time.  This is imprecise, because it depends largely on how dry your powdered sugar is and what consistency you want, but always add slowly and thoroughly.  Once you’ve reached your desired consistency, add in 1/4 – 1/2 cup shredded coconut, depending on how coconutty you want the icing.  This will introduce some tiny lumps, but that’s okay.  Let sit a good 30 minutes on the counter, beat again, and taste.

This is enough to thinly ice one layer or 12 cupcakes.  Double if you want more, but I find that it is easier to make it fresh rather than doubling the recipe.

*So you need to bring your butter up to room temperature?  Step away from the microwave, it will only make things worse.  Now shoo everyone out of the kitchen, except perhaps a young helper.  Cut your butter into small cubes and chuck it in the bowl.  Scrub your hands and nails with surgical precision (and those of your helper).  Any smells left on will be transferred to the butter,  so scrub extra hard if you’ve recently been chopping onion or garlic or something similar.  Once hands are clean and dry, plunge them into the butter and squeeze until it comes out your fingers, repeatedly.  Keep squeezing until the coldness is gone, and the butter is at room temperature.


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