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Container recycling

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These past few weeks have been busy, so please forgive the posting of someone else’s blog.  However, this woman has described this principle much more elegantly than I could, and her pictures depict tidier containers and storage.

I frequently recycle jars and whatnot for storage, as described here in Clothesline Alley.  I have also picked up the very British habit of using cheese and bisquit/cookie tins for snacks on the go, especially if I have to transport sandwiches or cakes.  My philosophy is “why pay extra for something that you already have and would otherwise toss into recycle?”.

As an afterthought, I frequently make my salad dressings a nice jar.  I just dump the ingredients and share to my heart’s content.  Then I don’t have to pour the extras into another container, I just pop the jar straight into the fridge…


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