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“Sew and Save”

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Today is just a quick review of a little book that would make a great present for a Home Front fan.  The book is called “Sew and Save” and is a reprint of a Home Front book from 1941.  What I like about this book, aside from it being charmingly vintage, is that it covers a number of aspects of sewing, from the basics of handstitching hems to creating your own patterns.  It is quite detailed, so it is good for both beginners and experts, and it includes long lost concepts such as proper care of shoes and gloves.

I especially like the beginning, which offers a detailed discussion of how to plan your wardrobe purchases over four years, so as to maximize both coupons and money.  Though some of the wardrobe recommendations might be dated (for women, there is no mention of slacks), the idea is still useful.  The book also offers several good ideas for stretching a child’s wardrobe, so I think I will be at least get the purchase price back in savings on clothing for Daughter.

I thought I might mention it, because the book is cute, and I think any seamstress would appreciate having it in her collection…


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