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Home-made cranberry liqueur

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There are about three days left until Christmas, depending on when you start celebrating.  I kept this recipe aside for today, because it requires three days to sit before it can be given out, making it the ideal last minute home-made present.  I’ve also found that I have most of these ingredients sitting around the house during the holidays, although the cranberries might require a quick trip to the store.

It is a Martha Stewart recipe, so the original is here, but here’s what’ I’ve done.

Instead of cooking cranberries fresh, I used 1 c leftover home-made cranberry sauce and drop it into my handy 2 gallon jar with a 750 ml bottle of plain vodka (about 3 c).  Then scrape long strips of peel off of a whole orange with a vegetable peeler, and drop in.  Screw on lid, and give the jar a good solid shake.  Let sit in a dark, cold place, like a garage or cellar, for three days or longer.  Before you go to bottle* it for gifts, taste the vodka.  If it needs to be sweetened, make a simple syrup of 1-to-1 water to sugar and sweeten.

This drink is a beautiful color, and makes a perfect base for New Year’s Eve cocktails.  Cosmos anyone?

*I spend all year saving up nice jars for the holidays, so sometimes I have a bottle in my jar collection, but most of the time, I just put my liqueurs into jars.  If the jar is nice looking (tall and thin, or nicely shaped) and there is a decorative label or sticker on the lid, then I let that be enough.


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