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Making the most of winter sales

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Here in Europe, massive sales only take place in the summer and winter.  There may be individual store sales here and there throughout the year, but deep price cuts only happen twice.  Because of this, sale shopping takes some planning ahead, particularly in figuring out what will be needed in the next six or so months. 

For instance, I went out yesterday with Sister-in-law, knowing that both Husband and Daughter would need shoes for the coming year  and that Husband’s birthday and Easter were on the horizon.  I also thought to look for future presents for Mother-in-law and a few friends having babies soon, though these weren’t a high priority.

Even though I really needed dress casual shoes for Husband, I managed to find hiking boots and racquetball shoes at 70% off.  He won’t need these immediately, but definitely within the next six months.  I also found 70% off trainers for Daughter, so I bought pairs in the next few sizes up.  Sister-in-law and I also managed to snag a pair of boots for my youngest brother-in-law, who has a hard time finding shoes big enough.

Finally, I grabbed a birthday gift for Husband and a half-price book for Daughter for Easter (the new Paddington Bear Anniversary edition – I was quite pleased with that find).  Sister-in-law found 70% off boots for herself and a birthday gift for Husband, plus some running things for her husband/ my middle brother-in-law. 

The point is, we didn’t go mad buying random things because they were on sale.  We made very calculated decisions about what to buy, based on need, price, and the odds of finding the same thing in a charity shop.  We both put several things back, and we were able to discuss our purchases with each other since we both had the same goals.  We will continue on this way for the next few weeks, carefully spending money we’ve saved up over the last few months.  Personally, I will rack up shoes, gifts, and an odd assortment of toiletries, books, and clothes for the coming few months, making gift buying  and life in general cheaper.  It all gets stored, and when someone needs to replace their shoes, we go look in the spare clothes dresser first.  This makes life much less stressful throughout the year.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve just found a massive internet deal on a book set I’ve been wanting to eventually get Daughter for next Christmas…


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